Baby Acid / Don’t Blush When I Rip You Open Cassette



Lindsey Ann would like to thank: Jasno Swarez (We LOVE you!!), Nick Foligno, our #1 fan, Dave Cromwell, Matt French for putting up with me, Oliver Ackermann, Jacques Urioste, Steven Matrick, Toma Vagner, Tarra Thiessen, LG Galleon, Ana Breton, Kyle Warren, Lia Simone Braswell, Jamie Ingalls, Jamie Peck, Kevin Walker, Vaughn Hunt, Pauline Devi, Alaska Bar, our families, the Brooklyn music scene and anyone else that has booked our band, played with us or supported us by coming to shows.

Vadim Baranov would also like to thank: My close friend Toma Vagner for inspiration, my mother Nadejda Abaimova for unconditional love and patience, my father Viktor Baranov and my brother Andrei Baranov for their continuous support. Thanks to all my friends and family members who influenced me over the years.


released December 9, 2016

Lindsey Ann Lawless: Bass, Vocals
Vadim Baranov: Guitars
Jonny Kovacs: Drums

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Jasno Swarez at Secret Loft Studio
Mastered by Oliver Ackermann
Cover photo by Parichehr Malani
Band logo(s) by Toma Vagner
Additional album design by Jacques Urioste

This album is dedicated to the memory of Christo Buffam

*The cover of ‘Please B4 You Go’ is written by Stephen Lawrie /
The Telescopes (1989) and is used with special permission Available from the Moon Sounds Records BandCamp page here: